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Showing our Gratitude

Gratitude: This is one of Calliope’s most treasured principles. More than just helping people present themselves well, we want to help people understand their worth and individuality so that what we help them portray in media is an outpouring of their identity.

Photo Copyright: Pink Hedgehog Photography, 2013

Further than that, we want to reciprocate the positivity of getting to work with so many different people by choosing a unique way to celebrate and say thank you to each. Don’t you want a stack of rejected Calliope business cards, too? (Just kidding, we are much more creative than that.)

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

-Marcel Proust

We are incredibly grateful to be able to use our gifts in our work through Calliope. The people we work with bring us more than just income—they make our lives better and help us to learn and grow. We like to create a network of talented people around us and connect different types of creatively skilled people and businesses as a personal thanks for the positive impact that they have had on us.

Our ultimate goal is for this principle of gratitude to allow encouragement and kindness to spread. Thank you, friends, supporters, clients and readers! We hope to share our appreciation for each of you in a meaningful way and further hope that in this season of thankfulness and celebration, you’ll share the love and  keep the gratitude going!

Happy Thanksgiving from Calliope!

Houseguests and Personal Branding

Everyone is in the business of personal branding, whether they realize it or not. As we're preparing for the holiday season at Calliope, we are recognizing this all the more!

When expecting houseguests, we always want to present ourselves well. We clean much more than usual, light scented candles, mow the lawn, stock the fridge, and fluff the pillows. We like to do whatever we can to help people feel welcomed and at home, and more than that, we try to put our best foot (feet?) forward.


Calling it "branding" may make it seem self-centered or disingenuous, but the act of putting forth an effort to prepare for guests is truly a benevolent gesture. If we are comfortable in our freshly cleaned and spruced homes, our guests will be comfy, too. At Calliope, we love the idea of creating an inviting sensory experience for visitors. Everything from the visual appeal of our decor to the fragrance within our homes will impact our guests in a positive way.

As a rule in personal branding and in welcoming houseguests, it's always best if we don't take ourselves too seriously. In an effort to put visitors at ease and bring smiles to their faces, one half of the Calliope core team made a list of some fun "house rules" that represent her family and let people know that her home is a place to enjoy.

Knowing who you are and presenting it to others in a fun and genuine way is an important foundation for enjoying what you do, whether it be in your professional life or in your own home. No matter your personal style—silly, messy, colorful, eclectic, modern—people will enjoy spending time in your home simply because it represents you.