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Moms' Night Out

It was a breezy evening in South Florida. As the air cooled slightly after a typically unpredictable day of work-from-home parenting, we eagerly got dressed up, kissed our kiddos, and set out on a mini-adventure.

After a delectable dinner at a local gastropub in the colorful and crunchy downtown Delray Beach, we ventured further south to a pre-release screening of the upcoming film, Moms' Night Out. As professionals and mothers ourselves, we knew at the very least that we would find the content relatable, but didn't know much of what to expect otherwise. Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical of a film that would almost certainly fall under the category of "inspirational"—AHH!

We are happy to report, though, that we were pleasantly surprised to be surrounded and accompanied by a theater full of out-loud laughter. Sarah Drew, the brilliant and hilarious actress who portrays the main character, was certainly the highlight of the movie for us. Whether she was typecast or not, we couldn't say, but she certainly portrayed the character of flustered, well-meaning mom with authenticity and harried finesse.

The film was a bit more preachy than what typically pleases our palates and it had a few undeniable lagging beats in the middle. And although we didn't buy in to every emotional appeal, we certainly left the theater smiling; the movie will hold its own within the comedy genre. The benefits of Moms' Night Out—both in entertainment value and in the portrayal of the life of the at-home mom to the rest of the unassuming world—certainly outweigh its faults.

In our efforts to support the success of professional women and dedicated mothers, we recommend this film for its honest and respectful portrayal of a largely undervalued and grossly underestimated portion of society.

To learn more about Moms' Night Out, visit their website here. You can see the movie in theaters everywhere, starting May 9!