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Don't be fooled by his glittery appearance, Chaucer the Skull is a force with which to be reckoned! His striking wit is matched only by that of his literary namesake, but (seeing as he's a pretty quiet guy), what speaks the loudest is his ability to stand out in a crowd.

So, why a skull? Well, the lovely ladies of Calliope have a desire to highlight beauty in every corner of their world. And there is something intrinsically (and perhaps inexplicably) beautiful about a symbol of the inevitability of death and the brevity of life. Okay, maybe that's too deep for the description of a glittering sugar skull mascot...Let's be real: We just think skulls are cool.

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Why Every Business Should Use Instagram

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Instagram is a popular mobile-based social sharing app that allows users to quickly and easily photograph, edit, and post pictures to be shared with followers. The beauty of Instagram is in its simplicity. The age-old (and worn out) adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is apropos in the case of Instagram—especially when it comes to your business. 

Building a follower base on Instagram is simple if you begin by connecting with people you know in real life. Fans of your business will appreciate:

1. A behind-the-scenes look into your creative process

2. A sneak peek at upcoming new products and services

3. A chance to learn about deals, sales, or special offers shared in a unique and interesting way

Instagram is free. It is a forward-thinking approach to the quick sharing of information, using a medium that speaks volumes to a younger generation. Most importantly, it is a fast, easy way to get your business on the minds of your customers on a consistent and regular basis.

If you're interested in utilizing social media like Instagram for your business, Calliope can help! We will set it up, make it beautiful, and even regularly update your various social media outlets.