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christmas is coming

Everyone is up in arms about this red starbucks cup this week! Seriously! A red cup. I remember when kids at our private christian university were denied leadership positions for being in possession of a red (granted solo) cup. 

The fact is, even the "issues" that take up our newsfeeds every few days are all trends, and you never want to be caught unaware. So buckle your seatbelts. Below is a crash course in choosing your holiday cards this year. Oh, you haven't thought about cards yet? Well now is the time sister! 16 days away from Thanksgiving means you do not have long before all of those "domesticated" adults who have their crap together will be littering your mail box with their efficiency all the while exposing your procrastination!

PS- we even included a new font board that you can download for your desktop


wee bit of scot in ye? we are macgregor's after all


this beautiful winter peach will stand out next to the other cards on the buffet table. 


if you don't live in south florida like we do, bring some color to your winter with this great design trend. 


clean is in. clean is in. clean is in. 


so many of us don't know what to do with all of the adorable holiday cards we receive. Sending them ready made as an ornament or magnet make it easy to display.

all card images above are pulled from and

And take a gander at our newest font board. Already decked out for the holidays!