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build your PERSONAL BRAND in 30 minutes

How do you stand out among peers? How can you communicate "YOU" in text messages, emails, social media etc.?



... and it's really easier than it sounds. 

STEP 1. Pick your colors

Choose ONE neutral color (take a look at your closet/dresser, is there a common neutral color that you find yourself wearing often? Use it!

Black, Grey, White, Beige, Walnut, Taupe, Sage, Charcoal etc.

Black, Grey, White, Beige, Walnut, Taupe, Sage, Charcoal etc.

Choose ONE accent color (a favorite or a complimentary color to your favorite) Yellow your favorite? Choose a purple. Blue your favorite? Choose a orange. 



STEP 2. Choose your fonts

Choose either a combination of a serif font and a sans serif OR a sans serif and a script/decorative. The internet is littered with font options. Unless you are looking for licensed font, you can find plenty of FREE options at or (some stipulate for personal use only... good for us this is personal branding). Be careful to use a juvenile or tacky typeface... we all know friends don't let friends use Papyrus or Comic Sans. 



STEP 3. Set guidelines for communications

Think about email headings, email signatures, justification (left, right, center), formatting (Bold, CAPITALS, lowercase, italicized), salutations (Respectfully, Best regards, Best, Yours Truly, Love, Lots of love, Hugs, Cheers, Ciao, See you soon, See you around, or goodbye in a different language). Either way, set guidelines or rules for how you will format any correspondence from now on. Consider using some of same words like "joy" "fulfillment" "blessing" etc.  Consider using the same filters on Instagram or Facebook to all of your pictures. Filters are a wonderful way to effortlessly and impact-fully differentiate your personal brand from common posts.  Lay these rules out on your phone in "Notes" or on "Word/Pages" and copy to your camera roll in your phone so you can easily reference when you forget. 



STEP 4. Do the edits

Now is the tedious part, go to your online accounts, all of them and make the necessary changes. Change all of your bio's and descriptions, your email signature and profile pictures. Make everything fit together as much as possible. 


Let us know how this process goes! We would love to hear in the comments.

Cheers Everyone!