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How a Business Can Show Customer/ Client Appreciation

There are few things that we pride ourselves on here at the Calliope - Presence in Media offices. But showing our clients a genuine gesture of gratitude is something we are unabashed at. When you work with Calliope-PIM, after the project is complete and the invoice paid; our team drafts up a personalized and sincere thank you note (yes like the ones your momma made you write to your family and friends after the holidays and your birthday). 

We find that when we are able to truly put into words our appreciation to our clients, a different kind of client/business relationship begins. The sterile "acquaintance" style correspondence and discussions break away into kind, gracious, and humble conversations of what we need to make a job successful. Our efforts to create a genuine representation of a brand online for our clients is not only something we create, it's also a pillar of our own mission and vision. With that being said, here are some of our favorite ways to say a great big thank you to your clients/customers!

1. Personal Notes - Duah... this is what we do and we find it every effective. Very little effort for a huge return. We do not boast a 97% client retention rate for nothing. 

2. Discounts on future visits or business - Sending your customer a coupon with a short "Thanks so much for booking us for your wedding!" will go along way. 

3. Exclusive events or promotions - Why not throw a party for your closest and loyalest customers? Pay for a photographer to come and use the images as stock for your website, social media, or ad campaigns. Getting real people who love your brand and you get images that will last you years of visual content?!?! Win Win! (Bonus: If you can make it a party around a holiday that is rarely celebrated. Check out this site for ideas. Random days ensure you will not be competing with major celebrations and it's a branding/ planning dream to make a party around "Ice-cream for Breakfast Day" *No Seriously, the first Saturday of February, Spoons up everyone!)

4. A small gift for close clients/customers - Now, I realize this is a bit harder with large volume stores but it is still possible to send small gifts to your clients. Think about sending a low value item from your store, a box of chocolates on Valentines, or a candle on your business' birthday. 


Whatever you do, make sure its sincere and from the heart. Genuine and kind business will ALWAYS get you customers. 

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