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5 Reasons why we love what we do!

I am drawing inspiration from our Pinterest board "Quoteworthy" for this weeks Blog. We have had a remarkable start to 2015. The success of Calliope has only seemed grow with the start of the year. We are posed to have the best month yet, with February just half way through. This success makes us extremely grateful, humble, and excited for what lies ahead. So, we would like to reflect on why we love what we do...

1. We get to work on our projects when we need to- Yes, I have 3 young children. Yes, I have a husband who works long, hard, and untraditional hours. Yes, there are days that I want to stop my projects and curl up on the couch but the freedom and privilege to work when a project demands is such a wonderful luxury. 

2. We can be creative- If I am not stretching my mind by creating or examining something clever, beautiful, purposeful, or meaningful I have a bad day. Even the most monotonous tasks with Calliope have an element of creativity, and for that... I am blessed. 

3. I get to be with my family- With the exception of my client meetings, educational seminars, or volunteer work, I am able to be present with my family. There are definitely some days that I would kill to move my big girl computer into a beautiful loft office. Ah... the quiet, the peace, the separation for a bit. The truth is, getting to work between bottles, potty breaks, and dry-cleaning pharmacy jackets works best for the MacG's. 

4. We get to practice skills on ourselves and learn all the time- One of our favorite things is to test new ideas, services, and skills on elements of the Calliope brand first. If a client has a question, we research and look into their needs and execute what they need. At the same time, we are evaluating our brand and learning how the newly obtained knowledge can apply to us or our other clients. 

5. We get to work with friends- We have been blessed that our reputation and name have passed to new clients the old fashion way... the best way.. by recommendation. The byproduct of friendly recommendations means we get to add clients to party invite lists, dinner parties, and personal email updates about our latest MacG addition (Baby Hawthorne). The highly communicative, reliable, and personal attention we provide here at Calliope cultivates a continued relationship following a projects competition.  

So, a great big thank you to all of our clients and cheers to the best year yet.