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Web Design Planner Print-ables

We have been in the land of HTML, CSS, CMS, #'s and padding... aka - A BUNCH of web design work. Sometimes I need a bit of a reprieve and get back to my roots. Design in its purest form = sketch. Enjoy!

Thought we would share our web design planners that we love to take on client consultations:

Here is a our Desktop Browser Planner:



Here is our Mobile Browser Planner:


We love to use these planners for client consultations because while we usually take diligent notes, sometimes the client likes to get their hands dirty and sketch out ideas and layouts for themselves. We have even sent these to clients before hand to sketch their ideas prior to meeting to everyone save time. 

We adore when clients have "wish lists" and this is also a great tool to keep the creativity channeled and not let it become a gaudy mess. Parallax images, animated text, fades, snap scrolling, OH MY! It can become too much. Showing the client how it will be too much before you get your hands dirty and do the hard work saves everyone time and frustration. 

So feel free to poach. Images are also pdf's here for quick printing.

Printable Desktop Browser Planner

Printable Mobile Browser Planner