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French Bulldogs and Squarespace and Web Design — Oh, My!

During the last few weeks, one of Calliope's main projects has been a total branding overhaul for Milton's Grooming Parlor. The owner is a generous, kind-hearted, and energetic person with a deep affection for his French Bulldog, Milton, who serves as the inspiration and mascot for the Grooming Parlor. The owner's (and Milton's) colorful personality shines through his personal aesthetic and vision for the business. So with a brightly hued inspiration, we set out to create a polished, functional, and beautiful website.

For this particular site—as well as for our own—we used the all-around wonderful web hosting and design service, Squarespace.  We combined the intuitive functionality of Squarespace's web editing tools with the passion of Milton's Grooming Parlor and our own exceptional design skills to create a beautiful synergy. The result—we hope you'll agree—is a fresh, professional, beautiful, and still true-to-the-vision online presence that makes the viewer an instant fan of Milton's Grooming Parlor.

 Visit the website and let us know what you think by commenting below! And if you think your website could use a makeover, contact us and we'll be happy to help.