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Clients and the Season of Giving


The winter holiday season is a time of joy, pretty lights, slightly cooler weather (at least in South Florida) and for many, racking up consumer debt. Boo! But, the principle of giving is still an important one to highlight, especially as the owner of a brand or business. Here are some tips for how and why to keep your clients in mind in the season of gifts.

It's important to prioritize.

As a small business owner, the top priorities should be your top customers, but even your once-in-a-while clients deserve some gratitude. 'Tis the season, after all! But more than that, putting forth an effort—no matter how small—is what will set you apart in the clients mind as a thoughtful, kind, generous and memorable business owner. Even if the gift is as small as a coupon that goes out in an email newsletter—if it's accompanied by a holiday greeting and an expression of thanks—it will stand out in your customer's mind.

It really is worth it.

Giving unselfishly, although a financial or time sacrifice initially will foster many rewards in the long run.

  • Your customers will gain respect for you and your business and associate your name with generosity.
  • It creates an environment of reciprocity—people are more willing to give you their business when they recognize your expression of gratitude.
  • People talk about the gifts they receive. This isn't a pastime that fades in adulthood. If you give a meaningful gift to someone, they will tell their friends about it!

What's most significant is those personal gifts that you seek out and purchase, make, or send specially to your most valued clients. Stay tuned for Calliope's next blog post for a great round-up of client gift ideas!